Other work

Other Work

Other work on Brexit by members of UKLegalFuture

  • “And so this is Brexit: ending British influence and destroying British rights” by Rhodri Thompson QC, 29 March 2017, available here.
  • “The UK and the CJEU after UK Withdrawal”  by Rhodri Thompson QC, 20 March 2017, available here.
  • “’Brexit Means Brexit’ – but what does ‘Brexit’ mean?” by Rhodri Thompson, 17 July 2016, available here.
  • “Brexit ‘rough’ or smooth’?” by Rhodri Thompson QC, 13 June 2016, available here.

Work by Lawyers-In for Britain 

Previously, in the run-up to the Referendum vote on 23 June 2016, many members of the UKLegalFuture Steering Group were part of the group "Lawyers-In for Britain", who prepared the following materials:

Other relevant materials

  • EU position papers on Article 50 negotiations, available here.
  • The UK Government’s papers and other materials on Brexit, available here.
  • Research briefings on the EU by the House of Commons and House of Lords Library, available here.
  • Depository of various UK Parliament materials on Brexit, available here.